Tips on basic pool maintenance:


1. Physical scooping and emptying baskets
- Scoop leaves and debris out from pool regularly.
- Empty skimmer basket regularly (turn off filter pump first)
- Check the pump basket and clean it if necessary.
2. Back Wash Sand Filter
- Summer - Backwash every 2-4 weeks
- Winter - Backwash every 4 -6 weeks

3. Automatic Liquid Chlorine Feeder
- Check injection point to ensure the tube is not blocked with calcium
- Check chlorine non-return- valve (a small fitting at the end of the chlorine feed tube inside the chlorine drum) to ensure it is not blocked or leaking
- Lubricate chlorine Squeeze Tube every 6 months with silicone lubricant
- Replace Squeeze Tube and non-return- valve every 18 – 20 months
4. Salt Chlorinator (for saltwater pools only)
- The salt cell should be checked regularly for calcium buildup. To clean calcium buildup, the cell should be removed from cell housing and cleaned by using special cell cleaning liquid (e.g. Lo Chlor Cell Clean Plus)

5. Chemical balance
Check water chemistry regularly to ensure the following chemical balance is maintained.
- Free Chlorine : 2.0 -3.0ppm
- pH: 7.2 – 7.4 (add acid if high, add buffer if low)
- Total Alkalinity: 120 -150ppm (add buffer if low)
- Stabiliser: 30 – 60ppm (only required for Oct – April)


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Basic Pool Maintenence