How to fix a Cloudy Pool

Is your pool water always cloudy?


Any one of the following reasons (or a combination of them) can cause your pool to go cloudy:


Low free chlorine level

Make sure your salt chlorinator or liquid chlorine doser is working probably and the output is set according to the weather and the bathing load. Normally in summer, salt chlorinator and liquid chlorine doser should be set to close to 100%. If you can’t set your chlorinator/doser output to 100%, then probably there is a problem with your salt chlorinator/ doser. Take your chlorinator/doser to our shop for us to perform a thorough test to identify any problems. Alternatively, we can attend on site to investigate the problem and provide you with a quote to fix it.


Water balance

Perform a water test at least once a week in summer or more often if the pool is being used frequently. Pay attention to readings of pH, free chlorine, combined chlorine, stabilizer and hardness. They should be all in the recommended range for your type of pool. High pH and low free chlorine can cause the pool water cloudy.


Poor filtration

Good pool filtration is essential to maintain a sparkling pool. Your filter (whether it is a sand filter, a cartridge filter or a DE filter) is designed to remove debris and contaminants from the water, so the pool sanitizing system can work. You can have perfect water balance but water can still be cloudy if your filtration system doesn’t work. Filters start losing their filtering capability due to their age or wear and tear. Talk to us for a filter upgrade, replacement or repair to solve your water quality problems.


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