How to treat a Green Pool

How to restore a green pool:

A green pool is caused by a growth of algae combined with low free chlorine in the pool water.

If the water has only turned green within the last few days and you can still see the bottom of the
pool, normally the water can be restored by adjusting the pH first, followed by superchlorination
of the pool water. Set the filtration system to run continuously for 24 to 48 hours.


However if the pool has been green for some time and you can’t see the bottom of the pool, then
your pool probably need to be treated with flocculant ( a specific chemical and process of
dropping suspended solid particles to the bottom of the pool), followed by vacuuming the
sediment to waste.


We recommend that you contact us for this specific service. We can provide you with our special
green pool treatment technique which will restore your green pool to normal within a couple of


If the water has become too bad to be restored by chemical means only, then you may need our
drain and high-pressure clean service.


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