How to treat Pool Stains

How to treat stains:

Stains are primarily caused by the introduction of metals into the water which reacts with
coloured metal oxides which we call stains. Stains can be the size of a hair clip or to where the whole pool surface is stained.

Stains broadly fall into four categories:

Organic stains:
Most commonly leaf stains, where a leaf has been allowed to sit in one place for weeks and
Algae stains where the pool was allowed to stay green for weeks. Dirt also gives rise to organic
stains. Dirt can be washed in the pool after a storm or if the hydrostatic valve operates and dirty
water enters the pool (
characterised by a discoloured ring around the main drain). The most common are yellow, green and brown staining.

Metal Stains:
Most commonly Iron which gives yellow through to brown stains and Black Spots in Fibreglass
pools which are Cobalt stains.

Salt Stains:
Salt is the most common cause of stains. Usually, Iron which depending on the severity gives
green through yellow to brown stains or Manganese which gives dark brown to black stains.

Scale Stains:
The scale is usually coloured because of the inclusion of metals and dirt. In the strict sense, the scale is
not a stain but a deposit of Calcium Carbonate (chalk) on the pool surface which can be
recognized by the milky appearance and by the rough surface (often referred to as like



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