Pool & Equipment Servicing

Tongarra Pools hosts a skilled team of technicians, that pride themselves on their ability to mend any issues that may arise with your swimming pools. Our servicing ranges from general equipment servicing and replumbing to filter media changes.

Pool Equipment Servicing:

We have a fully equipped in-house workshop for testing and repairing most common brands of pumps, chlorinators, and automatic pool cleaners. You can bring the equipment into our shop and for simple repairs, we can give you a quote on the spot. For more extensive repairs, we will supply you with a free quote. Or we can come to your premises to remove the equipment to our workshop for the cost of a service call.

Upgrade pool equipment and plumbing:

We have the skill and knowledge to advise you on upgrading your old pool equipment to make your pool more efficient, energy saving and use less chemicals. If your pool plumbing has deteriorated and leaking, or you want to relocate your pool
equipment, we can re-design your plumbing and provide you with a free quote.

Filter Media Change:

Almost all filter manufacturers recommend that a sand filter should have a sand change every 7 years to keep the filter running to its optimal efficiency and hence reduce chemical costs.

For cartridge filters, we carry most common brands of replacement filter cartridges and
can come on site to replace filter cartridges for you.


Acid / Chlorine Wash Pool:

If your pool has been green for months and is beyond chemical treatment to restore it, we can empty the pool, have the pool interior high-pressure water washed, followed by chlorine or acid wash, re-fill with fresh water, supply chemicals to balance the water. You can have a sparkling pool again in a few days.

Give us a call for a free quote.


New to pool or just moved into a house with a pool and don’t know what to do. We can come and meet you on site to explain how the pool system works and show you how to maintain your pool to keep it healthy and clean.