Poor water circulation/air in the system:


Poor water circulation can be caused by one of the following reasons:


High filter back pressure

  • For sand filters – try to perform a thorough backwash. You may have to backwash a few times to achieve good flow. If this does not resolve the problem, you can try to run the filter in the “Recirculate” position. By putting the sand filter in recirculate position, this will divert the water flow to bypass the filter media (sand). If this resolves the problem, then you will need a filter sand change or upgrade your filter.

  • For cartridge filters- remove filter cartridge and give it a thorough clean. If the filter cartridge is too worn out, replace it with a new cartridge.


Check the filter pump to ensure the pump has good suction.

  • If you notice that pump suction is very weak, check carefully if the pump has one of the following problems :

  • Pump basket is clogged with debris. Stop the pump and clean the basket.

  • Cracks in pump lid. Even a small fracture can cause the pump to suck in air and reduce flow. Also check the pump lid o-ring (underneath the pump lid) is in good condition. Replace the pump lid and /or pump lid o-ring if any of them is faulty.

  • Loose pipe union connection in front of the pump. The suction pipe (sucking water from the pool skimmer) is connected to the pump via a threaded fitting (union). Make sure this fitting and the o-ring are securely screwed onto the pump. It can become loose due to vibration or cracks in the fitting.


Check the pool skimmer box to make sure skimmer basket is clean and the weir door is not jammed.

  • If you have a suction pool cleaner connected, disconnect the suction cleaner from the skimmer box. If the water flow is restored to normal by disconnecting your suction pool cleaner, then there is a problem either with your cleaner sucking air or there is a suction leak.


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Poor Water Circulation/Air in System