Pressure Cleaner Not Working

Pressure pool cleaners such as Polaris, JetVac etc:


  1. Check the booster pump is running normally and hose connections to the booster pump are good. Then check if there is adequate pressure from the booster pump at the cleaner wall fitting.

  2. Disconnect cleaner hose from wall fitting and clean the wall strainer

  3. For Polaris 280 pool cleaners, check the backup valve is not leaking. Normally this valve should be closed, allowing all water flow to the cleaner head. This valve will open very briefly at about 5-minute intervals to pull the cleaner out from corners. If you can see water coming out from this valve continuously, that means the valve is leaking and a new valve is required.

  4. For Jet Vac cleaners, make sure the jets are not blocked and the wheels are turning freely. The wheel may not be turning is one of the wheel bearings is broken.

  5. If the problem persists you can take your cleaner to our shop for a thorough test and a quote to repair it.

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