Leaking Pool?

Leaking Pool:

If you suspect you have a leak in your pool, you can perform a simple test to rule out that the water
the loss is not from evaporation.

To determine the evaporation rate of your pool, place a bucket filled with water on the first or
second step of your pool. Fill the pool to its normal water level and mark the water level in both
the bucket and the pool. The water in the bucket will be affected by the same natural elements as
the water in the pool. Measure the amount of water loss in both the bucket and the pool after 1 or
2 days. If the bucket loses the same amount of water as the pool, then all water loss is due to
evaporation and not a leak.

Once you have established there is a genuine leak, then check the following possible leaks first.
They are the most common problems contributing to pool leaks.

1. Leaking from sand filter backwash line:
Check any water leaking out from the filter backwash pipe when the filter is running on
“FILTER” position. A water leak in the backwash line when the filter is turned to “Filter”
indicates the “Spider Gasket” inside the filter multiport valve is worn and a new gasket is

2. Leaking from the pool plumbing system:
Measure the rate of water loss with the pool system running. Re-fill the pool and measure
the rate of water loss again but with the pool system turned off this time. If the water loss
is much greater when the pool system is running, the leak is most likely in the
plumbing of your pool.

3. Leaking from the main drain hydrostatic valve:
Every pool has a hydrostatic valve (except in some very old design pools), which opens
to release the underground water pressure when the pressure builds up to excessively high
Normally the valve will close automatically by built-in spring tension and the water
the pressure in the pool.
However, the hydrostatic valve may fail to close due to many reasons and cause the pool
to leak.
We can provide the service of a diver to replace the failed valve under water, without
draining the pool.



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